Custom Battery Assemblies

StorTronics Custom Battery Assemblies

Custom designed battery packs are assembled to provide power that supports your product’s specific needs. Custom Primary and Secondary (rechargeable) battery pack solutions are ideal for powering specialized industrial equipment and mission-critical devices that provide a wide range of functions.

As a trusted custom battery pack assembler, StorTronics focuses on working directly with your team to develop custom Secondary (rechargeable) and Primary battery packs that are safe, reliable, and exceed all quality expectations. Our expert engineers have the knowledge and resources to design a custom battery pack that is as unique as the product that it’s powering.

If you have a smart or standard battery design issue that you would like to discuss.
Contact us at (248) 912-1200 or download one of our Battery Pack Design form and submit it to for our review.

Primary (non-rechargeable) Battery Pack Design Form
Secondary (Rechargeable) Battery Pack Design Form

Our Design Application Engineer will discuss potential design solutions and strategies that can be implemented into your application.