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0860-0004 Enersys Cyclon, 2 Volt 4.5 AH DT Cell

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  • 0860-0004 Enersys Cyclon, 2 Volt 4.5 AH DT Cell
  • 0860-0004 Enersys Cyclon, 2 Volt 4.5 AH DT Cell
  • 0860-0004 Enersys Cyclon, 2 Volt 4.5 AH DT Cell


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0860-0004 Enersys Cyclon, 2 Volt 4.5 AH DT Cell


Brand:    EnerSys
Type:    Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage:    2.0
Capacity:    4.5 Ah
Color:    White Black Red
Size:    1.35" dia. x 3.78" tall
Contacts:    0.187" Tab


CYCLON® battery standard descriptions

CYCLON battery cells are ideal for small ampere-hour applications up to 25Ah. The sealed-lead construction uses a starved-electrolyte system and a patented grid-alloy providing numerous advantages.

Standard batteries are offered based on combinations of the previously described CYCLON battery cells and are available in 6 and 12 volt configurations with capacities ranging from 2.5Ah to 25Ah.

Custom Assembly Information

Customized Assemblies

To meet customers’ requirements, StorTronics provides custom-designed and standardized battery packs.

Enersys Cyclon Battery Packages
Shrink Wrap packaging or Rigid plastic cases are available.

Shrink Wrap
Shrink wrap packaging is less expensive and smaller in size and weight. A plastic extrusion insulates the battery top and keeps the cells in line. A heavy duty shrink sleeve holds the cells firmly in place. Shrink wrap packaging is recommended for applications in which the battery remains stationary.

Rigid Plastic Cases
Cases are available for most designs in either flame retardant ABS material, meeting UL 94V-0 flammability rating, or Styrene (available only in 2X3 D and X battery configurations). Some cases have mounting holes. Rigid plastic cases are recommended for applications in which the battery must withstand vibration, movement or extreme weather conditions.

For your battery design and system needs, please contact our engineering staff at (248) 912-1200 or download our Custom Secondary/Rechargeable Battery Pack Design Form and send it to sales@stortronics.com

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