Bren-Tronics BTC-70791-MR, Mid-Rate X90 AC Charger

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Bren-Tronics BTC-70791-MR, Mid-Rate X90 AC Charger


Dedicated single-station charger that will charge the BB-390B/U, BB-2557/U and the BB-2590/U batteries.

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BTC-70791-MR Details

Details for the Bren-Tronics BTC-70791-MR Charger
  • Dedicated single-station charger that will charge to 16.5V each battery section of the following:
   • BB-2590/U (BT-70791A, BT-70791BK or BT-70791CK) in 5.5 hours or less
   • BB-390B/U (BT-70790B) in 10.5 hours or less
   • BB-2557/U (BT-70757BK) in 2.5 hours or less*
   • Powered from 100-240Vac, 200VA, 50/60Hz.
   • Simple solution for the user who does not require a bulk or multi-station charger.
   • 6ft IEC C7 AC Power Cord with US connector (BTP-592212-US) included with charger.
   • Optional AC Power Cord configurations available
   • BTP-592212-EU (EU Terminal)
   • BTP-592212-UK (UK Terminal)
   • BTP-592212-AU (AU Terminal)
   • RoHS compliant
  *  Additional higher capacity versions of the BB-2590/U and BB-2557/U are available and can be charged with slightly longer charge times.



  Length: 3.3 in (84 mm)
  Width: 2.2 in (56 mm)
  Height: 2.0 in (51 mm)
Power Supply:
  Length: 5.2 in (132 mm)
  Width: 2.3 in ( mm)
  Height: 1.2
AC Input Cable: 36.0 in (914 mm)
Supply to charger Cable: 53.0 in ( mm)
Weight: 1.1 lbs.
  SKU: BTC-70791-MR
  Case Materials/Colors: High Impact ABS / Black
  Power Requirements: 100V-240Vac, 200VA, 50/60Hz
  Storage Temperature: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
  Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)


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For your battery design and system needs, please contact our engineering staff at (248) 912-1200 or download our Custom Primary/Rechargeable Battery Pack Design Form and send it to

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